Southsea Hemp is one of the UKs longest running CBD stockist having been providing high quality CBD products to the market for over 5 years now.
Originally starting as a reseller of established brands such as Canabidol, Harmony and CBD Cure & others we have since moved on to having our own products manufactured by the best producers of CBD/Hemp and Cannabis based products from the UK or Europe.
Our aim is to provide only the highest quality products produced with in current EU & UK compliance guidelines.
From Hemp Tea to RAW CBD Oil, Isolate to Vape products to CBD concentrate we have products to meet all user requirements with incredibly competitive pricing, giving access to some of the best alternative health products available on the market.


CBD or Cannabidiol is one of many beneficial Cannabinoids or “isolated molecules” from Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp).
CBD is one of over 100 or more of these Cannabinoids that can be found with in the Cannabis family
(Cannabaceae of the Rose order of plants) which also includes plants such as Hops & Hackberries .

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a dominant phytocannabinoid, among more than one hundred other phytocannabinoids, identified in hemp and unique to the Cannabis plant genus.
Hemp-derived CBD is a naturally occurring compound concentrated in the resinous flower of the plant.
CBD, among many others of the more than one hundred phytocannabinoids in hemp, does not cause a
psychosomatic or intoxicating experience.

CBD (unlike THC) has no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects, is non-addictive and non-toxic and is legal to buy in the UK.

CBD will work very differently depending on the individual so it is always suggested to start on a lower mg dose and to slowly build up until finding the individuals equilibrium.
Averagely starting on 2 drops daily working up to 5 or so over a period of weeks

All products are sold as Health supplements thus none of the products show are sold to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent illness or diseases.


All Southsea Hemp Brand Products are
Broad Spectrum CBD Products
100% GMP Certified Production
100% THC Free
100% Organic / Vegan / Vegetarian & GMO Free
100% Free from Chemical Additives
Eco Friendly/Sustainable Recycled or Recyclable Product Packaging